Lutheran Church Commission on Worship: God Will Be Extremely Harsh On Advocates for Women’s Ordination and Marriage Equality.

Sometimes things get personal. Pft. Who am I kidding? This whole thing is personal. But sometimes things effect me more than others. When that happens my posts serve as a kind of therapy.… Continue reading

Lutheran Church of Australia District Bishop Signs Potentially Harmful and Factually Distorted Letter to the Government.

Here are some facts. Facts are good. They have a way of separating those things that we think are true from those things that actually are true. 24% of lesbian, gay and bi-sexual… Continue reading

Crazy Lady or just plain scared? The end result of anti gay preaching.

Meet Becky. She is a Christian. She posted this the other day. It is an anti marriage equality, anti muslim, anti abortion, anti obama meltdown. The gay commentary sites that I follow are… Continue reading

Dear Christian Friends. When You Cry “Persecution” Sometimes It Looks A Little Bit Funny.

Religious persecution is no laughing matter. The atrocities committed by Isis against Muslim Shia, Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen and others continue to shock us. Real religious persecution exists. But for those Christians who claim… Continue reading

Dear Christian Friends. No. You Are Not Being persecuted.

  My Facebook page is a wash of rainbow hue. Its nice. People showing their support. I’m not gonna colour in my Facebook pic. Sorry gay friends.  I support you but I don’t… Continue reading

Sinead O’Connor and Hozier Take me to Church.

OK. Two Irish singers both release songs in the same  year, both with gay subtexts, both songs with the same title… The singers: Sinead O’Connor and Hozier. The song title: Take Me To Church.… Continue reading

Sydney Siege, #illridewithyou and Lutheran Pastors. Are We The Baddies?

I love comedian David Mitchell. I love his soapbox. (Hello America!) I love his rants Yesterday I was reminded of my first ever David Mitchell comedy sketch. First, some context. I came across two… Continue reading

A Christian Pastor’s Sermon, Muslims, and Religious Violence

There is certainly way too much religious violence in the world. But here in Perth WA who are the violent ones and who are the victims? I don’t get along to church much… Continue reading

Hey! LCA Members! YOU paid for the horrific Yahnke lectures.

A post on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the  homophobic lectures presented by visiting American LCMS… Continue reading

Dear Friends from Church. Here is why I can’t walk through your door.

Hey reader! I wrote this letter to some people in my congregation. I thought that I might as well share it with you.   Some weeks ago I was at a party hosted… Continue reading