You are invited to a conversation about homosexuality and the needs of gay people in the care of our Lutheran churches and schools

2 discussion groups commencing Thursday 20th August and Tuesday 25th August. 

  • Members and Friends of the Rockingham Mandurah Lutheran Church.
  • Staff of Living Waters Lutheran College.
  • Interested Members of the Community.


There is a lot of  talk about homosexuality, transgender issues and marriage equality. But when it comes to the LGBTI people in our families, churches and schools, there is only one question that Jesus would ask us to consider.

What is the very best we can do for the welfare and lifelong good of those in our care.

And so… you are invited to join a conversation that centres on that question.

A conversation that is sensitive to the needs and welfare of the LGBTI people in our families, churches and schools

A conversation that examines the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of the wider Lutheran Church on the question of homosexuality.

Neil Hart, a past pastor of the Rockingham Lutheran Church, state youth pastor, army chaplain and foundation chaplain of Living Waters Lutheran College is offering a series of studies on the question of homosexuality and the needs of the LGBTI people in the church. Neil has studied the topic thoroughly from both Biblical and social perspectives over the last 3 years and is one of the most informed members of the Lutheran Church of Australia on this topic.

The studies are free of charge and will be conducted over 6 weeks with 6 one and a half hour sessions.

Each session will include a short 15 min video presentation by a young gay Christian man who explores key Bible passages and the effects of the traditional teaching of the church on his life.

These video segments will introduce the various topics and open the conversation.

The sessions will also include specific teaching from Neil. He has lots of information to challenge us and get us thinking. He will provide specific input on the question of sin and how the word is applied in relation to sexuality. He will lead us in exploring how we read the Bible. Why is it that different people come to different conclusions after reading the same text? Can we read the Bible with confidence? What does the Lutheran Church have to say about this?

Neil will also provide an extensive investigation into Romans 1 which many consider to be the “clobber” homosexual passage. You will enjoy a fascinating and “other-worldly” journey into ancient Roman and Middle Eastern culture at the time of the Apostle Paul.

There will be 2 groups running.

Group 1. Commencing Thursday 20th August. 2 Grenoble Cove.  Port Kennedy.  7pm to 8.30pm.

Group 2. Commencing Tuesday 25th August. 17 Leo Place.  Rockingham. 7pm to 8.30pm

You are welcome to attend either group at any stage over the 6 week period. So, If you miss a week with one group you can catch up with another. Please Contact Neil On 0481459911 or email him on to register your interest or if you have any further questions