Crazy Lady or just plain scared? The end result of anti gay preaching.

Meet Becky. She is a Christian. She posted this the other day. It is an anti marriage equality, anti muslim, anti abortion, anti obama meltdown. The gay commentary sites that I follow are giving it plenty of coverage. The comments almost exclusively mock her. I can understand why.

But listen to her and try to hear where her words come from.

I listened to another video that she posted a few months ago. My impression is that Becky has experienced some pain in her life. Now she has a deep and passionate faith in Jesus who has put her “mess of a life” back together.

Becky feels that this faith that is so import to her is being attacked on every front and she is very, very scared.

That is where her words come from: her fear.

I know that my blog posts can be ascerbic at times. I feel defensive and hurt for my gay friends when ignorant comments are made. But I can’t bring myself to attack Becky. The truth is… my heart goes out to her.

I have no time for church leaders who by their blinkered and narrow approach to the Bible and to life continue to spread a message of fear and divisiveness into the community.  LGBT people have long suffered because of that message. But it occurs to me that Becky is also a victim of their words. She is the end result of that type of Christianity. Her meltdown, her fear is its natural consequence.

Those church leaders need to be called out and made accountable. Particularly Lutherans. Lutherans have a gracious and inclusive theology. Lutheran leaders should know better. But Becky is just scared. She should not be called out or made fun of. She needs to be listened to, understood and very sensitively helped to explore her questions and her fear. That’s what a real pastor would do.

Becky is passionate because she is in love. She has experienced the love of God in Jesus and her experience of that love has been helpful for her. But, like the rest of us, she has a little way to go. She is insecure and still exploring just how high, deep, wide and all-encompassing that love really is.

Maybe, with the right kind of Christian leadership, she can start to uncover and analyse her fear. Maybe then she will discover that love is always stronger.

As a wise man once said…

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (1 john 4:18)

Dear gay friends. Becky, the church and I aren’t perfect in love. Because of our fear we have said a lot of hurtful things to you and we have done a lot of damage. We haven’t arrived but we are on the road. I know that I have no right to ask but… please be patient with us.