Dear Christian Friends. When You Cry “Persecution” Sometimes It Looks A Little Bit Funny.

Religious persecution is no laughing matter. The atrocities committed by Isis against Muslim Shia, Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen and others continue to shock us. Real religious persecution exists. But for those Christians who claim that they are suffering persecution because of their anti-gay stand… not so much.

In my previous post I called out those Christians who cry “persecution”  over the marriage equality issue.

For years the Church has said to gay couples and families…

Your love is sinful, disordered and diseased. It is not the same as our love. Our love is instituted and blessed by God. Your love is a shameful thing that based in sin and evil desire. Our love should be celebrated by the community. Your love should not.

The church looks at the love shared by a gay couple and calls that love “ungodly and perverse”

But, recently, things have changed. Gay people and the majority of society no longer tolerate those insults. Their message to the church is loud and direct.

“No! Stop saying that! It is hurtful and damaging.”

And so some some Christians feel hurt.

But dear Christian friends, you are not being persecuted. You are just being mean and you should probably stop that.

Anyway.. have a listen to this recent “Poor Us” video put out my a Christian group. Their strategy becomes obvious quite early in the clip. It really is a little bit funny.

Dear Christian friends,  I know that you actually identify with the people in this clip and so you don’t get the joke. Allow me, if you will, to provide a translation for you so that you can see how the rest of the world views your cries of “persecution”.

Remember, the whole thing boils down to what you say about the gay people in the community. In summary you,  the church, call them  “ungodly perverts”. I know you don’t think that’s what you say. But you do. That has been your consistent overall message for generations. The caption “marriage is for one man and one woman” is just the most recent form of that same insult. In it you say to gay couples and families…

“By virtue of my faith’s judgement on you, I believe you to be unworthy of the love that I enjoy”.

So, here is the translation of the video.

I am a little bit nervous when people hear that I call other people “Godless Perverts” that they will say,  “Well, she is not welcome here.

Its pretty scary you know. I mean… how many people can I really and truly be honest with. Can I trust that when I call someone a “Godless Pervert” they won’t think less of me?

I’ve tried to change before. I tried to stop calling people “Godless Perverts” but… it’s just too important to me.

I have friends who are gay. I don’t fear them. They are wonderful people. I love them. What I do feel insecure about is speaking from the heart and calling them “Godless Perverts”.

Where is that balance? Where can you call someone a “Godless Pervert” and still respect them?

Bigoted is a huge word that gets thrown around when I call someone a “Godless Pervert”. But it’s just not true!

And… cue tears…

The best way to kinda break down all these barriers (flick hair, tears,) sorry,  is to look past the fact that I am calling you a “Godless Pervert” and get to know me one on one.

See, Christian friend? It is a little bit funny. Isn’t it?