Hey! LCA Members! YOU paid for the horrific Yahnke lectures.

A post on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the  homophobic lectures presented by visiting American LCMS Psychologist Dr Beverly Yahnke in South Australia and Queensland in August 2012.

A selection of some of her horrible comments appear below. For those who like swimming in sewerage,  dive in.

Some concerned members and I approached various LCA authorities about the lectures.  I wanted some kind of official statement that the views expressed By Dr Yahnke do not represent the views of the LCA. Those that I spoke to, however,  dismissed my concerns. They stated that the lectures were in no way officially connected with the Church.

The WA District Bishop, Greg Pfeiffer  was quick to back up his distancing remarks by stating that no LCA money was paid toward the lectures. The connection that he made between the event and LCA money in astute and important. The payment of money, duly recorded in the audited financial statements of the various arms of the church reveal the activity of the church. If we paid for it then we did it, we own it and we are responsible for it.

Funny thing about money and the church. We may not be willing to take responsibility for the words that are spoken by Church authorities but we will trace, audit,  balance-the-cent and be publicly accountable for every little bit of money that is spent.

Well, friends, it seems that the WA District President was, at best, misinformed. One of the friends of this blog came across the following excerpt from the 2013 Together In Mission book of reports.

Please excuse the image quality. It was sent as a snapshot from a glossy paged magazine. Our friend hurriedly took the pic with his phone and sent it through just before he was arrested by the church police. Amnesty International are trying to determine his present whereabouts.

(Note. The previous statement may contain inaccuracies)

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 8.39.14 AM

The Spiritual Care Conference refers to the lectures conducted by Dr Yahnke together with her Doxology associate Harold Senkbeil.

Thats right, Reader, The LCA did pay for the Yahnke lectures. YOU paid for the Yahnke lectures.

As our intrepid reporter said when he sent through the pic…

I didn’t realise this abhorrent conference was paid for from the Special Purposes Fund! Makes it even more sickening!!!

*Ultimately transform people*s lives in Christ* ( the stated purpose of the fund)

Not destroy.

And that is the point.

People of good will and with a great deal of trust in our church put their money into church ministries believing that it will be used for good. These lectures have already brought real harm into the lives and families of the gay members of the LCA. Because Yahnke has helped shape the minds of LCA Pastors, Chaplains and church workers the harm will continue for years to come.

And, Reader, you paid for it.