My apology to the LCA and NCCA President Re. Marriage Equality.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Early last year, Pr Mike Semmler, the (then) president of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA),  sent a submission to Federal Parliament on behalf of the Church in opposition to marriage equality.

His warning bell rang out.

Where marriage is undermined the stability and social order of a country is destabilised.

His submission included the following paragraph.

In the 5% of nations that have legalised same sex marriage, there has been a domino effect… There has been pressure to allow group marriage and polygamy, and incest between consenting adults, and even in extreme cases marriage to consenting animals.

Past readers will recall that I was highly critical of the submission. I said that it was nothing more than fear-mongering nonsense. I was embarrassed that  such a thing was said on the national stage as representative of the opinion of members of the LCA.  In terms of offence given, Pr Semmler*s comments rank along side of those made in his Presidents Letter to Clergy  earlier this year. The letter referred to the *copulations* of gay people, how they should be *viewed with disgust* and likened homosexuality to murder.

Well…Reader…  it seems that my high horse has been pulled out from under me. Yesterday,  quite by accident, I came across a documentary. One small part of the program tells the story.

Proof positive, dear Reader… marriage of consenting animals.

You will note how the declaration of marriage was immediately followed by a complete breakdown in stability and social order just as Pr Semmler predicted.

(I could not begin to think about, let alone comment on the consumation of a  pig/ frog marriage.  I leave such things to the greater mind of Pr Semmler. He has proven his willingness and ability to delve into such things. Perhaps another letter to clergy is called for.)

Anyway,  never let it be said that when challenged by hard evidence lcamyopinion was not willing to reassess and, where appropriate, apologise.

It is as we were warned. The dominoes have indeed fallen. The slope has been slipped.

Will nothing stop this madness?

God help us all.

Note. Pr Semmler is no longer president of the LCA. He is, however, the new President of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

The NCCA*s stated purpose is to…

…work together on the key issues of theology, peace and justice.

Pr Semmler is certainly the man for the job.  We eagerly anticipate his  continued prophetic warnings in his new role.