Australian Marriage Equality comes with a cringe




A post by Neil Hart on LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.


Australian Capital Territory has voted for marriage equality… but… does anyone else think that… maybe… wasn’t it just a little… idk…. cringe-worthy?

Don’t get me wrong. Im all for it. Bravo and all that! And I hope the High Court rules in their favour. (Although, they will rule according to law and not necessarily according to justice.)

No. My cringe is not to do with the ruling. My cringe is to do with the singing. They sang… (I can hardly bring myself to admit it out load) John Paul Youngs LOVE IS IN THE AIR!


Have a listen. The first 20 seconds or so is all you need.

Sigh. JPY? Squeek? Really? It was barely acceptable in 1978 and IMHO it has aged less like fine wine and more like an open can of diet pepsi.

And… the lyrics!

*I dont know if Im being foolish
I dont know if Im being wise*

Well, I hope that you DO know. You ARE making LAWS after all!

Please! Someone tell me that this piece of vision didn’t go international!

Sigh… Still, I guess the goodness of the decision trumps the badness of the presentation. Congrats Canberra. Thanks for leading the way.

Perhaps we should have learnt from the New Zealanders. Now THERE is a nation that knows how to celebrate marriage equality in song.