Where AIDS comes from

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT,  lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Hey reader. I know. Its been a while.

I have so many half written posts on my mind and in my files. I’m sure they will find their way out as actual posts sooner rather than later.

I really wanted to write a post yesterday for the International Day Against Homophobia but circumstances overtook me. Then… out of the blue… I received a comment on an older post from someone called Edward. It was a bit of a gift really. It made me smile. I take the lazy liberty of repeating some of his comment and my reply for your reading pleasure.

You can read his full comment after the original post along with a worthy response from Darwin Harmless.

But, truthfully, the main reason I repeat Edward*s comment is because it gives me an excuse to play a piece by my favourite comedy parody musical duo… The Flight of the Conchords.

So.. read, watch, listen, smile, enjoy.

From Edward.

Many churches these days not only condone homosexuality, they promote homosexual clergy. Ignoring the clear warnings in Scripture, they thumb their noses at God while inverting His created order. “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they ate, drank, bought and sold, planted and builded” (Luke 17:28). Jesus’ allusion to Lot living in Sodom is analogous to the widespread acceptance of sexual immorality. The story of the angels visiting Lot demonstrates God’s view of the matter, as does Paul in Rom 1:26 …

Society’s approval of perversion more than individual acts beckoned God’s wrath in Lot’s day… Even worse, predatory paedophiles have joined the Roman priesthood to abuse children. We cannot be far from what God saw during the days of Noah and Lot. Luke 17:26-28.

In the politically correct leftist fascist office environment, I always seemed to lose when any discussion of this practice came up – always appealing to the Bible. (The discussion was always started by others with statements about bigots, Christians etc) After about 30 years I started thinking “Christ always silenced critics with a short statement, there must be an answer.” So one day after an office group had been berating the Bible and fundamentalists about opposition to the practice, I said “Hang on folks, are you saying it’s healthy to play in excrement?”. Since then I have won in any discussion on the subject except when I got fired after discovering the bosses were this way inclined.

…Any wonder why aids is spread by this practice? I can also tell you how aids made the leap from animals to humans but I won’t here. Lets talk facts only.

…Lets stop the politically correct baloney and stick to the Bible.

And my reply.

Wow! Edward! Interesting comments. Let me see if I have this correct. In your mind, all the gay LCA, pastors, teachers and lay people, my colleagues, brothers, sisters and friends are…Rapists like the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah
Predatory paedophiles
People who play in excrement
People who spread AIDS.

IS that about right?

I can see why you have won all your arguments since coming up with that line about playing in excrement. I also am left speechless by your argument.(Although, it seems that your bosses have come up with an appropriate response) . May God bless you, Edward, as you continue to be the presence of Jesus to all the gay people you come in contact with in your family, church and circle of friends.

PS. I am interested in your insights as to how AIDS came about.

But then I remembered that the question of the origin of AIDS has been fully addressed by the Flight of the Conchords. Reader, if you haven’t seen these guys before you are in for a treat.

Your welcome!