A Shout Out For Lutherans, Looneys and Lady Bits

A post on homosexuality, LGBT lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The Minnesota State Senate is hearing testimony regarding a bill to legalise same sex marriage.

Jim Burroway at boxturtlebulletin.com posted this little gem. It is the testimony of Mike Frey, Pastor of the Northern Lights Baptist Church. Even though Pastor Mike was speaking against the bill there can be little doubt that his testimony only served to strengthen to case of those on the side of marriage equality.

I am reminded of the comment made by Republican Senator Tod Akin prior to last years US election. Responding to a question about abortion in the case of rape, Sen. Akin suggested that a woman  in that circumstance couldn’t get pregnant. To quote the good Senator…

If its a legitimate rape the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.

The implication, of course,  being that, if a woman does get pregnant, she must have wanted it.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Akin lost his seat. The Reverend Mike Frey, however, still has his pulpit.


But…. wait… did you hear what the chair of the proceedings said at the end of the clip? The next speaker was a Lutheran Pastor… Erik Strand from Edina Lutheran Church. I have to confess dear reader that my heart rate accelerated and I started to salivate at the mention of a Lutheran pastor giving testimony at a marriage equality hearing. What did he say? It couldn’t have been worse than the Baptist guy, could It?

Internet search ensues. No testimony. No transcript of testimony. Damn.

But then I came across this from 12 months ago. During 2012 Minnesota were on the opposite side of the ledger and considering a constitutional amendment to permanently prevent same sex couples from marrying. Rev Strand made this statement about the proposed amendment.

Edina Community Lutheran Church has joined in the broad effort to oppose the constitutional amendment restricting marriage because we are a congregation engaged in a public witness to the deep welcome of Jesus. We are a congregation supporting families of every kind, and oppose the harmful effects this amendment would have upon some of our members and neighbours.

Thats right, the Lutheran Church were campaigning for marriage equality.


Let have a big shout out for  ladies (a-hem) private  parts which know how to shut down both the aids virus and *legitimate rape* sperm.

And lets have a big shout out for looneys for no other reason than that they make us smile.

And lets have a big shout out for Erik Strand and the Lutheran Church in Minnesota for shutting down my prejudiced views. I was ready to condemn him before I knew anything about him. (But, cmon Reader…Admit it… So were you!)

Sorry  Pastor Erik.

Thanks for reminding me that the majority of Lutheran Churches in the world stand for the inherent value of ALL families and for the deep welcome of Jesus.