An Open Letter To The Members of Rockingham Mandurah Lutheran Church.

A Post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

This could be an open letter to any and every congregation of the LCA but I address it to one particular congregation.

To a congregation that is close to me geographically and emotionally.

To a congregation that has responsibility for a school and, through that school, has a bigger public profile and influence in its community than congregations many times its size.

To a congregation that has a responsibility for the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of all the gay and gender questioning kids in the school and their families.

My hope is that, by naming one place, by personalizing it, the message will be harder to generalise and dismiss as if it applied to someone else.

We face one unavoidable and sad fact. Because of the statements and present public teaching of the Lutheran Church of Australia (a teaching NOT shared by many other Lutheran Churches in the world)  this family could not become communing members of our congregation. The family itself would be considered a sinful lifestyle choice. The present teachings of the church would require that they  repent of their open and public “sin” and break up this family unit.

The sign outside the church says ‘Everyone Welcome'”. Sadly, I don’t believe that is the case.

When we worship we claim to bring the presence of God to the community through word and sacrament. Unless we can genuinely say those words…”Welcome, EVERYONE” perhaps we need to consider whether we have the right to even open our doors.