Yahnke Tapes: How to Really Hurt Your Gay Child.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran church of Australia.

Regular readers will know that I have been following up on a seminar entitled Clear Conscience Courageous Living that was held at the Mannum Lutheran Church in August this year. The seminar which included discussion on  homosexuality was sanctioned by the LCA College of Presidents and was conducted by members of  ”Doxology” a service arm of the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church in America. The visiting speakers also made presentations to pastors’ gatherings in both South Australia and Queensland.

As has been shown in previous posts much of the information presented at the seminar is factually inaccurate and presents views that have been condemned by relevant health authorities.  It is disappointing, therefore,  to see that these videos are being promoted by our church right now on the LCA website.

Dr Yahnke who presented the sessions on homosexuality talked about what to do when a gay son or daughter comes out. Those who have seen previous posts on Dr Yahnke will not be surprised to hear that her words are somewhat less that compassionate.

We join presentation where she describes a gay child’s desperate plea for acceptance.

I want to know that this is OK with you

She goes on but… I think you have the idea.

I have been sitting on this clip for a couple of weeks. There was something about what Dr Yahnke’s said, both the tone and the words, that reminded me of someone but  I couldn’t remember who. Then, today, I did.

This is from the 2007 documentary “For the Bible Tells Me So”.

I’m thinking of Marginalised Lutheran, one of the regular commentators on this blog and all the other gay teachers, students, pastors and lay people in our church. I’m so sorry for the shaming words. I’m glad you stuck around to see the change that is coming.

And Anna’s Mother? Well, she changed churches and became involved in PFLAG

Anna’s mother who “spoke the truth in love” and wrote that harsh letter to her daughter reminds me so much of Dr Yahnke. Perhaps, one day, like Anna’s mother, Dr Yahnke will also learn about love and the freedom of the Gospel.