LCA-In-My-Opinion To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse


I received notification today that this blog has been selected to be archived by  the National Library of Australia.  

OK. I DID bold and italics that. But you will notice that I chose a very humble font.

They said…

The National Library has selected your publication for archiving because we have judged it to be an important component of the national documentary heritage. We want it to be available to researchers now and in the future. So that researchers can discover that your publication exists and where it is located.

(The National Library will) take the necessary steps to preserve it so that it remains accessible as hardware and software changes in the future; and provide public access to it via the Internet, in perpetuity.

So, the blog will still be available for reading even after the Zombie Apocalypse forces the closure of WordPress. Carved in stone, Baby. Carved in stone.

The blog will be a part of the National Bibliographic Database and can be accessed by the search engines of 5200 library sites in Australia.

It has been selected as a religious publication. The guidelines state…

Official sites documenting religious views of Australians where the views are those of a religion, denomination, community, or sect will be selected for preservation to depict the diversity of religious activity within the nation. Sites which publish personal expressions of religious faith will not be selected.

Religious publications by personal authors will be selected for preservation where the general guidelines relating to content, authority and quality are judged to be met. This includes pure theology as well as social and cultural interpretations of religious questions. Publications which represent a diverse view may also be selected.

Well! And I thought I was just sayin’ stuff. (Big smiley face)