The Yahnke Tapes: Homosexuals and Execution.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The LCA College of Presidents sanctioned a seminar on sexuality which was held in the Mannum Lutheran Church South Australia in August this year. The Seminar entitled “Clear Conscience, Courageous Living” was conducted by the directors of “Doxology”, a recognised service organisation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. One of those directors is Beverly Yahnke a registered Clinical Psychologist who also serves as Professor of Psychology at The Lutheran Concordia University in Wisconsin.

Dr Yahnke conducted the first 2 sessions of the seminar which focused on homosexuality. It is disturbing that a person with attitudes such as those expressed in these 2 sessions is not only allowed to counsel young people who are gay or gender questioning but lectures undergraduate psychology students.

The full videos of all the sessions can be viewed here

My previous posts describe her use of a fabricated statement purporting to be the wording on a Californian Senate Bill to spread anti-gay community fear and her seeming assertion that homosexuality should be considered a mental illness.

Here is some more from the first session of the seminar.

Dr Yahnke spends a good portion of the session listing all that is bad about “homosexual practise”. Now, I freely admit that I have cherry picked some of that list. What I havent done is distort her logic flow or her message.

As seen in my previous post, she starts the session by talking about the “juggernaut of culture” which, according to Yahnke,  is distorting our views on homosexuality. That same juggernaut ,driven by its pro-gay activists, had homosexuality removed from the APA’s  list of mental disorders. After describing all of the evils of “homosexual behaviour” Yahnke’s argument comes to its dramatic climax with the story of the “African gentleman” who is studying for the ministry. He knows of no homosexuality in his country because homosexuals are killed.

And Yahnke’s response to this shocking revelation?

The judgement of the culture is THAT emphatic. It was THAT much of an affront to the culture.

She gives absolutely no criticism about the abhorrence of gay people being killed. She simply goes on to give two other examples of cultures where, supposedly,  “homosexuality (is) unknown”.

The culture will not accept it. (she says) The culture will not adopt it.

And to summarise… to show her feelings on this matter… she goes straight on and in a mocking tone quotes her psychology text book which states…

“We certainly want to encourage toleration and we certainly don’t want there to be discrimination.”

and her conclusion…

So we are teaching it from age 6 (a reference to her earlier manufactured misstatement about legislation forcing kindergarten children to admire homosexuals) up through the university that this is a reasonable alternative strategy.

Her logic is clear. Homosexuality is a great danger to our society. It is  sadomasochistic, orgiastic,  fatal anal intercourse, genital mutilating and…

the last thing we want is for our children to think that this is an equitable alternative lifestyle.

Societies that reject, deny and even kill their LGBT citizens are preferable to societies that tolerate and do not discriminate against them.

As in the previous post, Dr Yahnke does not say those actual words but  I see no other interpretation.

I am left feeling sick to my stomach, not only because of her message but also because I know that this talk was sanctioned by the authorities of our church.

God help us.