Flying Nun Floats In With a Message To All Lutheran Church Mums.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

I’m in love with Sally Field. Ok. I was….then I wasn’t for a while… now I am again.

I fell in love with Gidget. Who didn’t. But then she became a nun. Sigh…. lost to me forever. Then I had to settle for Marcia Brady. Who didn’t. And there was Marianne from Gilligan’s Island. Oh. Yeh. And Laurie from the Partridge family. Then there was that weird thing I had going on for a while with Robot from Lost in Space…but we better not go into that…

[note to self… remove reference to ROBOT before posting].

Anyway, back to Sally. After a disturbing and completely inappropriate car journey with Burt Reynolds and a severe disorder involving 13 different personalities (possibly caused by the Burt Reynolds car journey] Sally finally settled on being  the worlds wisest and most courageous mum. (Places In The Heart. Not Without My Daughter, Forrest Gump.)

Now I know why she was so comfortable in those roles… Turns out she really is a wise and courageous Mum.

Here is a clip dedicated to all those Mums in the church who listen to their hearts and not the hurtful teaching and help their children to become everything that God planned for them to be.

…and so the f#@k what!

Yup! Right back in love with you Sally.