Neil Patrick-Harris Is GAY!!?? Man! You cant trust ANYONE these days!

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Ive been trying all week to get hold of a fantastic episode of The Daily Show from last December. No go I’m afraid. But perhaps I can tell you about it. There was a reality TV show called All American Muslims. It showed, strangely enough… American Musilm families, doing what Muslim families do in America…shopping, having dinner together, going to school, going to work, going to the bowling alley, walking there dogs, getting engaged and married, having children…taking children to school… picking children up from school…

It was a ratings flop.

Turns out that people aren’t very interested in watching other normal boring people doing normal boring things on TV.

But… heres the fun bit :))))   One of the US Family Associations… This time the Florida one… mounted their high horse to comment. (Remember, Reader, internet browsing rule no 6: Anything with the word “family” in it probably exists to say nasty things about gay people.) The Association thought that the show was “harmful, education wise”, to the American “belief structure” and they called for a boycott of the shows advertisers. How was it harmful,  I hear you ask? Well, it showed Muslims being boring and normal. It didn’t show them wearing suicide vests, plotting government downfalls, forcing their children to marry at the age of 7 and chopping off peoples hand for stealing their oranges over the back fence.

As Jon Stewart said in disbelief…

 “This show is harmful, education-wise, to your belief structure??!! . Is that not the purpose of education […] to replace your belief structure with facts?”

OH! I just realised something. The overseas readers should be able to view the Jon Stewart   segment here or perhaps here. I think its only  blocked in Australia. (Curse you internet-blockers-for-no-good-reason!)

Anyway, the point is…prejudice thrives in ignorance and misunderstanding and all of it grows from fear. Education serves to bring understanding  and knowledge and real honest-to -goodness facts. I also seem to remember Jesus saying something about   fear being overthrown by love. The Florida Family Association, however,  thought that their “belief structures” were better served by maintaing fear and not thinking of American Muslims as… well… normal people.

Yes…I can see where they are coming from…Bad people can’t stay bad in my mind if I start to think of them as normal! Its a plot! Those cunning Muslims have a “normalisation” agenda.

Wait a minute! Where have I heard that word before…”normalise”…  oh yeh… I remember…

Ahhh…Stewart and Colbert. How dull would life be without them!

Now where else have I heard about this education/ normalisation thing recenty?

Thats right! It was none other than LCA President Dr Mike Semmler in his anti-gay submission to parliament. (Its proving to be an inexhaustible source of entertainment)

In Quebec Canada, an ethics course has been imposed by the government on the public and private schools and even for the home schooled students, teaching that homosexual activity is “normal”…

See what a wicked thing education can be. If we go around teaching everyone that Muslims and Gays are… well… NORMAL human beings… then… just think of the terrible consequences. Pretty soon… everyone will be normal and we will have to stop pointing fingers and judging people and separating certain people off as less than normal. Worse than that…we will have no one to FEAR! Good God…just think of the consequences! I foresee  the collapse of society. Stay vigilant everyone. Let me know of any other normalising behavious that you see going on.

Lets nip this one in the bud!