Of course it hurts. So…STOP IT!

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Hey reader. I get several different responses from the clergy to the things I write. They mainly come after I do a mail-out to all the pastors of the church. After my last mailout (a compilation of the 2 previous posts on the CTICR) I received as many notes of encouragement as of criticism. Thats cool :).

But my attention was draw to 2 negative responses because they followed a similar, slightly surprising theme.

Said one…

I see you as angry with the church, and wanting to use the homosexual issue to belt the church over the head…

Said the other…

You need to ask yourself some serious questions about why you attack (church leaders)  in such an unloving way… If you feel that you have been treated unkindly then try to forgive.

Both responders are working from the assumption that I have been hurt by the church and that I am using the “gay issue” to get back at the church.

But, why all the psychoanalysing? Is it really so hard to understand? What the Church says in its teachings and its public statements does people harm.  I can no more stay silent than I could stand on the sidewalk and watch someone get beaten by group of bullies without trying to intervene.

What you say is hurtful. STOP IT!

Did you here the quiet pain in her voice…

“Well, there is almost nothing I can say….of course it hurts”

It ain’t rocket science guys. Just STOP IT!