Homosexual Agenda and Protecting our Children.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Much of the argument against homosexuality and marriage equality  rests on fear. No surprise there. Prejudice is rooted in fear. It was ever thus.

One of the big fear factor phrases is “homosexual agenda”, There is a belief that the gay community is militantly organised to warp and twist the minds of our children into thinking that “homosexuality activity” is not evil and to encourage them into the “lifestyle”.The horrible words of  gay-hater Paul Cameron when he was interviewed by American Christian Radio keep ringing in my ears.

(Homosexuals)  wont rest until every little boy grabs his ankles and every little girl gives it a try…

The same fear albeit more politely expressed is demonstrated in one of the statements made by LCA President Dr Mike Semmler in his anti-gay submission to parliament.

In Quebec Canada, an ethics course has been imposed by the government on the public and private schools and even for the home schooled students, teaching that homosexual activity is “normal” and ignoring the potential health consequences of that behaviour. Parents who object are threatened with jail for violating the states human rights policy.

We fear the “homosexual lobby” and the “gay agenda” and this irrational fear feeds our prejudice until even the President of our Church is reduced to public repetition of what amounts to nothing more than unsubstantiated anti-gay gossip.

One US State has set about stopping this “homosexual agenda” with their “Don’t say Gay.” Bill. Thankfully, America’s finest newsman has a word on the subject. Where would we be without his explanation, and insight?


On a slightly less humourous note. This week saw the posting of what is perhaps the most disturbing piece of video that I have seen in the 8 months that I have been blogging.

The 4 year old singer and his proud Dad (Did you hear him call out…”That’s my Boy!”?) are members of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana.

The Church has posted this comment on their website.

The pastor and members of (the church) do not condone, teach or practise hate of any person for any reason. Also we believe and hope that every person can find true bible salvation and the mercy and grace of God in their lives. We are a strong advocate for the family unit according to the teachings and precepts found in the holy bible. We believe the holy bible is the divinely inspired word of God and will continue to uphold and preach that which is found in scripture.

Sorry guys. Your statement doesn’t cut it. You DO preach hate. Your children are being brought up in a bad environment and they will continue to add to a homophobic and intolerant society that represents anything BUT the love of God. What you do is wrong.

One congregational member is reported to have said.

‘The people who are upset just don’t read the word of God. If we don’t teach the children the truth early they will never learn,’

So, what about the minds of our young?

The homosexual lobby is out to twist and warp them. Right?

If the state instigates educational programs  that seek to fight  prejudice and “normalise” homosexuality then they are against the good of society and contravening the rights of the parents. Right?

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, the state does a good thing when it seeks to create a more tolerant and accepting society. No militant homosexual lobby. Just educators, over 90% of whom are straight, doing their job. Educators, working hard to replace fear and ignorance with genuine information in the hope that young minds will find a new way to speak about and relate to their gay brother, sister, cousin and neighbour.

In the past when I have made links between the most objectionable presentations of homophobia from around the world and our own church I have received complaints that I am being unfair. LCA pastors and leaders would no doubt say that the type of prejudice expressed in the video does not represent the views or the practice of the LCA. We would never condone handing a microphone to a young child so that he can sing a song which says…”The Bible’s right. Romans 1:26-27 aint no homos gonna make it to heaven.

But lets examine that objection. Why is it that we object to being linked to a church where such things happen?  It can’t be because of what is said. Frankly, I have only ever heard expressions of agreement for the thoughts expressed by the song. I have never heard or read any statement, public or private, by pastors or leaders of the church that condemn the ideas expressed in the song.

Rather, our church consistently shows agreement for and not objection to these ideas.

  • The Bible is the only source and authority in these matters.
  • Anyone who argues against a literalist interpretation of Romans 1:26-27 is wrong.
  • Homosexual Activity is sin and unrepentant sinners are at risk of losing salvation.

Readers might remember the post I did when Lutherans in Toowoomba Qld placed an ad. in the local paper. Stating precisely this same thing.

“… the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)… emphatically states that on the basis of Holy Scripture, homosexuality is to be opposed, and warns that any who continue in this practice are in danger of losing salvation,”

These were not members from the LCA but the group and the ad. received a surprising amount of support from LCA pastors and LCA Toowoomba locals.

The fact remains that the LCA continues to consider “homosexual activity” sinful and evil and deserving of eternal damnation. The fact remains that official representatives of the  LCA continue to make highly objectionable and prejudiced public statements against the LGBT members of the church and community. The fact remains that, rather than condemning the horrible words of haters like Paul Cameron,  our theological leaders  continue to use and quote them as authoritative sources.

So, why are we upset at the video clip? What is it that makes us feel uncomfortable? The problem we have with the song is not that we think there is anything wrong with the song itself. The problem is that we just don’t like to hear those thoughts expressed back to us on the lips of a 4 year old.

You gotta ask yourself, Church, why is that?