Drs Cameron and Pollnitz and a call for change.

A Post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Paul Cameron responded to president Obama’s support for marriage equality on the Christian radio talk back program “Crosstalk”.

Normally, reader, I wouldn’t trouble you with some raving lunatic on a US radio show. This is a little different. Dr Paul Cameron was a main source quoted by the LCA’s own Dr Robert Pollnitz in his submission to Parliament opposing marriage equality.  More on this later. Listen to some of Dr Cameron’s responses to questions from the interviewer and callers.

Full disclosure: The entire program went for 52 minutes. I have done a cut and paste job to isolate some of the more objectionable comments made by Cameron. My editing has not done anything to distort what the Dr says or make him appear in a bad light. He does that all on his own. The full program can be heard here.

So…quick recap…

Obama and the Secretary of Education have probably been involved in “homosexual acts”. Like all homosexuals, this 24/7 sin so consumes their minds that it is all they can think about. It has confused Obama’s election strategy and effected the funding priorities of the government. Obama’s administration and their homosexual agenda is such that they will not rest until “every little boy grabs his ankles”. The only effective way to protect our children is to throw homosexual miscreants into gaol.

Did i miss anything?…oh yeh…”winning people to Jesus Christ, (they) wholeheartedly recommend.” That’s nice.

Now, back to Dr Pollnitz.

I first made contact with Dr Pollnitz when I commented on an 2003 article he had written in the Lutheran as the head of the Church’s Committee on Social and Bio-ethical Questions. In my subsequent correspondence with Dr Pollnitz he made the following comment.

 I am concerned that such children (gender confused 10-18 year olds) can be targeted by militant homosexuals and encouraged to think of themselves as gay/lesbian.

Fear of militant gays whose supposed objective is to make our  teenagers gay is an unworthy attitude for the head of a commission go take into official LCA discussions on homosexuality. I believe  it  shows that Dr Pollnitz’s differences with the likes of Cameron are more a matter of degree than of kind. My concerns are amplified by Dr Pollnitz’s recent use of Cameron as a major source for some of his offensive statements in his anti-gay Government submission. With this type of uncritical thinking on the part of an influential church leader I find it little wonder that we continues to make public statements that embarrass the church and bring dishonour to the name of our Lord.

I believe that Dr Pollnitz should consider voluntarily removing himself from the position of chair of the CSBQ. The gay people in the LCA, the people who Dr Pollnitz represents and has power over, deserve better than a person who is so suspicious of them. The fact that this call needs to be made is indeed sad. I understand that Dr Pollnitz’s past service to the LCA has been admirable. But the needs of the LGBT members of the church stand above the feelings of one person.

Dr Pollnitz. Thankyou for your service. Perhaps it is time to give someone else a go.