NO Second Class Citizens! Come Cry With Me Again.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Today is Anzac Day. I was just talking to someone about my dad. He served in the Australian Army in WW2. His name was William Hart. While I was talking I was checking out my FB page and saw a link someone had left me. It was a presentation made by some students and teachers from the William Hart School District. The clip led me to another clip called second class citizens. Both clips seemed destined to be on my blog.

I’ve only recently rediscovered the art of crying after many dry years. But it doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come often. When it does the experience is still so foreign to me that it scares me a bit and I choke it off.

Except with the gay stuff.

Now, tonight, as I wonder what its like, as I walk in another’s shoes, I find myself crying freely. I don’t really know why I am crying  but it seems right to not try to stop it, to let the tears spill and roll down my face. The tears seem to be the only appropriate response.

Cry with me…again…

Did you hear that comment?

To all the gay and lesbian children out there who have been told that you are less than…you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value!

I wish I had said that…Oh…No. I just realised what I wish!

I wish my church had said that.

Dear God. Is that it? Are they YOUR tears?