Logic Or Theologic and Making Stuff Up

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

You will probably remember, Reader, that the President of the Lutheran Church of Australia has made a submission to Federal Parliament opposing marriage equality. I posted the submission on this blog together with my own critique. You can have a look at part 1 and part 2 if you havent already. I sent my critique to the President for comment. I sent it to him very late in the week and he was kind enough to respond the same day. His response was this…

Thanks for your interest in the statement requested by the Government enquiry regarding same sex marriage. You make some intriguing assertions.

Is the issue  ‘logic’ or ‘theologic’? Human rights or the right to be called a child of God?

Blessings to you and your family as you worship at the cross and empty tomb over Easter.

The response to “logic” was because i questioned the logic at several points in the submission.

That sentence intrigued me and I mused over it for a while. I came up with the following tongue-in-cheek post. Although I go hard at the President and others in positions of authority in the church, it is because of the views that the positions represent. It is not an attack on the person. My musings below flow from the comment the President made about  logic and theologic. I appreciate his response and his easter best wishes and trust he doesn’t take offence in what follows.


In response to the  unseemly and  disproportionate amount of logic I used in my critique, The president said…

Listen Neil, is it logic or “theologic”

Hmmmm…a code…a secret message from the Office of the President.  (cue “Hail to the Chief”) 

OK…cool heads…thinking caps on…we can work this out.

Lets try mathematics.

Theologic minus Logic = Theo.

Ahh yes. I think we all know who Theo is…

Click here to find out.

Yes… that’s right…

Cocoa tree hugging “fair traders”  who, with their “fits of laughter”, are obviously inhaling more than the aroma of roasted beans. Once they get their hippy, henna covered hands on you and lead you down the debaucherous path of coffee and chocolate…well…there aint no comin’ back from that place, baby. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there!

So…who is Theo supposed to represent? Is that the President? Is it me? And what are the cocoa beans? And what the hell is “fair trade” anyway? (Man I’m hungry! Where’s the Snickers bar?)

Hmmmm… maybe it’s not maths.

maybe its…yes!  ANAGRAM!

Lets see…

Listen Neil, is it logic or theologic


Illicit Lenten ostrich go ego soil!  (1)

OMG! Thais IT! In the sacred time of Lent it is illicit to express independent thought so one must stick ones head in the proverbial soil. In this case, the  soil is my own ego? No problem there. Thais where my head is mostly stuck anyway.

Or is the president the ostrich? Is the soil HIS ego?

Hmmmmm…Possible but…still stretching.

Or, maybe…No! That’s too far fetched! Surely the President isn’t saying what the words themselves actually signify! Surely he isn’t saying that doing theology means abandoning reason and logic?

It reminds me of a cartoon or two from nakedpastor.com. (2)

This one?

Or perhaps this one…

O dear. As Homer Simpson would say, “Its funny coz it’s true”.

Just last night i watched the Rachel Maddow Show. They had a follow up piece on a statements made by US Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum,

Here is what he said…


Understandably, the people in the Netherlands were upset.  Last night the Maddow showed footage of a reporter from the Netherlands asking a member from Santorum’s staff   about the erroneous statements.

Now THERE is a quotable quote for you…

“A lot of these things it’s a matter of whats in his heart. He is a strong pro-life person…”

Ahhhh…now I get it. If you speak from your heart, if you REALLY TRULY believe the things that you are saying…then it is ok to be completely factually incorrect. It’s ok to simply invent stuff as long as it suits your cause.

This attitude is annoying when it comes from the mouth of Barry down the road. But when it comes from leaders who have power and influence…Its downright scary.


Of course…there is an alternative. I know it seems kinda radical, but…

Maybe we really SHOULD do that more often.

1. For those of you who were  anal enough to check the anagram…I have 2 things to say. First, the left over i is turned upside down to form the exclamation mark. So there! and second…Get a life, Man…seriously…you checked my anagram ???!!!

2. The nakedpastor  site is well worth a look. He sells original artwork, books n stuff.