Gay Marriage Comedy: LANGUAGE WARNING! U Know…Swearing!

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Someone told me about Hannah Gadsby’s Melbourne Comedy Festival routine. I thought I’d post it as a half-time break from working through the President’s submission opposing gay marriage. I’ll finish the submission review tomorrow….Promise!

If you haven’t read part one of the submission critique, you can do it here. The submission really is a bit of a worry. : / …sigh… And there is another LCA one that is worse. I’ll be reviewing that later in the week. Why do we keep dragging the name of Jesus through this small minded and bigoted mud?

But for today…It’s Purple Haze Celebration. The opening game of the season and a great win against last years premiers. . GO DOCKERS! Thank God I was there to yell continual advice at the players and the coaching box. They would have been lost without me.  Dont worry coach Ross. I’ll be there EVERY week to help you out.

Reader, if you are overseas you might wanna check out the subtleties of Aussie Rules Football.  US readers Note: Real men don’t need padding.  UK readers note: Real men tackle. Aussie readers note: Real men don’t need padding on their tackle. :-)

Otherwise…Enjoy Hannah’s take on gay marriage.

Oo. One other thought. If they polled this audience on gay marriage…what do you think the results would be?

And I was serious about the language warning.