Gay Marriage: Toowoomba! You ROCK! :)

A post by Neil Hart of homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

I’ve just been watching the Mass Gay TV Wedding on the TV program Gordon St Tonight with Adam Hills.

The whole thing started when Adam surveyed the audience about what they would do if they were able to make any new law. The audience overwhelmingly said that they would legalize gay marriage. Then a lesbian woman proposed to her partner on the show. The idea of a mass gay marriage grew from there. 40 couples gathered in the ABC studio to be a part of the not-particularly-legal mass gay marriage ceremony.

It was fun, It was moving and it showed, yet again, the complete injustice that these wonderful couples are not permitted to publicly declare their love in this special way.

The most moving part of the ceremony came in the reading. It was a letter from a Lady called Kathleen Davey from Toowoomba East, Queensland. Kathleen is 88 years old

Kathleen reminded us of the wedding saying, “Something old, something new something borrowed something blue” and then the final line that I didn’t know was a part of the saying… “and a silver sixpence in my shoe”.

How wonderful that the same town that produced the sorry story of the year 12 student now becomes the focus of a beautiful letter in support of gay marriage. Toowoomba! We love you :). Here is Kathleen’s letter.

Dear Adam.

Thankyou for your programs.

My husband and I have been married 67 years on the 24th of March. I have the coin I had in my show. It was in my husband’s wallet for years. In a recent wedding between two same-sex people in Germany where it is already legal, both of them had a coin.

I hope this helps your section on wedding memorabilia.

Yours Sincerely

Kathleen Davey.

In the letter was an envelope containing an Australian silver sixpence dated 1955.

Our overseas readers may not know that Australia moved to decimal currency in 1966. The silver sixpence has not been in circulation for 45 years.

Adam placed the sixpence in the shoe of one of the brides whose TV proposal on Adam’s show started this whole thing off.

Such a special moment… such a special gift.