No! Wait! The underwear guy. HE is Jesus!

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Did you read the last post? Here it is again if you missed it.

I hugged a man in his underwear…Jesus would have too.

And here is the picture in question.

I had a couple of comments on the blog, email and Face Book in reference to the hug and reconciliation. Someone said…

Yes. Jesus would have hugged him and then he would have said “Go and sin no more”.

It was then that I had a blinding flash of insight.

Reconciliation is all about repentance and forgiveness.  When wrong has been done then a relationship has been broken. When repentance is unreservedly offered and forgiveness freely given then there is genuine reconciliation. Jesus is the embodiment of that reconciliation.  But that reconciliation DOES includes the honest desire on the part of the sinner to “go and sin no more”.

In the case of this hug. The sinner, the one repenting is the guy in the black T Shirt. He repents on behalf of the Christian Church and the hurt they have caused to the gay community. He represents the Lutheran Church. His hug is symbolic of our repentance.

Repentance for…

the young teenagers who have suicided because of our teaching.

people who have lived with a guilt enforced celibacy.

making people hate the beautiful sexuality that God created in them

making employees of the church hide in shadows.

actively discriminating against the gay people employed by the church.

actively campaigning to prevent my gay friend from entering into the life long loving and committed relationship that our society calls marriage.

calling my beautiful, loving and God fearing gay friend…abomination, child molester, sexual deviant, pedophile…

official statements to the community and submissions to the government that  are incorrect, prejudicial, unjust and hurtful.

This hug, from the church is an offer of our genuine repentance for the hurt we have caused to the gay community and the absolute offence to Jesus that we have done it all in his name.

The return hug…the hug of forgiveness…the hug of reconcilliation…the hug of the begininngs of a new relationship…the hug from the gay guy in the underpants…

THAT is the hug of Jesus.

And, yes, He says to the church…”go and sin no more!”