Not saying Jesus was gay….but….

A post by Neil Hart on Homosexuality, LGBTI, lesbian and Gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Hey reader. Every now and again someone dives into the comments to stir things up a little. I have mixed feelings about it really, On the one hand, this blog is all about debate, particularly on the Church’s attitudes to sexuality. So, to have debate, you need opposing views. Opposing views are good. They challenge and stretch and sharpen us. On the other hand, stongly worded opposing arguments always run close to the dividing line between argument and insult.

A few times i’ve considered not posting some comments because of the offense they may cause to any LGBTI readers. But then i figured… nahhhh…our gay friends can speak for themselves.

Recently, one of our commentors described support for the LGBTI community as a “fashionable cause”

And in response…  a comment from Marginalised Lutheran…

Yep, you’ve found me out. I don’t seek recognition as a ‘normal’ part of God’s creation because that’s how I was created to be or an unchangeable part of who I am… I am doing it just cause it seems cool and all the other cool kids are doing it.


Your comments lack perspective or empathy. (starting to think you missed that lecture at seminary) Jesus understands us because even though he is God he became human and suffered the pain and suffering that we humans endure. You may not understand what I go through daily BUT HE DOES!


No, I’m not saying Jesus was gay. I’m saying that if he understands EVERYONE and the daily suffering they endure then he understands me, a homosexual person. He understands the feeling of hurt and rejection from his own home and kinsfolk. He understands being rejected and rebuked in the workplace (synagogues and temple) and he understands keeping secrets from people because revealing something about yourself even though you want nothing more than to be honest with your closest friends, family and colleagues will cause hurt, harm and further estrangement and problem.


I don’t think you think of us (the abominations) as part of God’s people. I don’t think you think that God thinks about us, cares for us and wants us to live out the created order. (whether you agree or not I maintain that I was created this way… Not a result of circumstances or mistreatment or abuse as Margaret would have us all believe in her unfounded opinion)


I want you to acknowledge that the churches practices and attitudes of exclusion are hurtful, hateful and damaging. Whether we agree that it is sin or not the culture of anti homosexual sentiment, exclusion, sowing the seeds of homophobia is wrong ang against what the church should be doing.


While I don’t agree that it is sin… Even if one were to see it that way they must admit that sin is sin no matter how little or large the stumble may be. The acceptance and blind eye turning to the other ‘sin ‘ that is tolerated because grace gives us the freedom of the Christian must be afforded to all sin. We are not the judge nor jury. We are the ones charged with sharing Jesus’s love not charged with perpetuating an organisational culture of intolerance, hatred and under the carpet sweeping.


Why can’t people (Lutherans, anti gay Christians, Margaret court, you) see that and realise that. If the law is the acuser then let it be. Don’t take that role on yourself. Rather be the one to demonstrate grace. Be Christ’s face to the people not the angry Moses coming down the hill to find the people sinning. Be the face of our gracious God, the one that I know and love. When I see the face of the angry, condemning, hurtful, excluding ‘God’ I grieve for the missed opportunities that have been missed for people being barraged by law to establish an ongoing personal relationship with Christ. Can’t see the grace concept if you’re whacked in the face repeatedly by a big book! Kinda distracts you from who God really is, all balanced out.


Don’t know if I’ve turned into a rambler here but just want us to think about the resulting experiences (intended or not) of the churches attitudes and practices… And how it actually affects real people all day, everyday. Even when you’ve forgotten about this conversation and gone back to your church blessed and sanctioned marriage and spend time with your kids (adopted/ ivf / surragote/ natural method) the hurt and pain is still being felt by the abominations while you live in church sanctioned bliss. The church must change its attitudes, inclusive practices and acceptance if they are to truly share the love of Jesus with all! Not just the heteros!!


Jesus loves me, this I know. Even if I didn’t learn it at Lutheran Sunday School or through my own Lutheran theological study. I know it because I live In His love everyday, even though I feel like I’m actually surrounded by a world (and church) of hate.


Marginalised Lutheran.

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And… one final theological reflection…If “Immanuel” (God with us) took on human from to show God’s eternal, intimate and total identification with ALL of creation….then, yes, Jesus IS gay just as he is intersex, straight, married, single, widowed, man, woman, old, young, jew and gentile…