It’s about Love, stupid!

A post by Neil Hart on Homosexuality, LGBTI lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Quite a lot of comments on the blog recently.  Some of it delved into centuries old theological controversy about antinomianism. If you dont know what that means you could google it but i wouldnt recommend it. You will get just as lost in the irrelavancies as they did in the 16th century when it all happened. But basically, it was all about the laws in the Bible. What do they mean for today? Do old testament laws still apply? Are there new testament laws? How do we understand them? Do they apply today?

And somehow, in the middle of it all,  Jesus’ simple, unique, world changing message of love, which he both spoke about and lived, gets lost.

Maybe thats what i was trying to say in these previous posts.

“The person in front of me” says Jesus “Not the Law”

“It’s all about inclusion” says Jesus “Not exclusion”

Anyway, today I saw 2 things that lifted my spirits  back out of the mud of theological irrelevancies and back to the heart of God.

One was the most recent comment by Tapio. I use it here without his permission. (SO? SUE ME TAPIO! My team of lawyers are standing by!)


It’s either free or it isn’t. It seems to me that we offer the free gift of salvation to all heterosexuals but for the gays…..well no freebies here mate. If you give up sex for your entire life we’ll let you in. It’s either free or it isn’t. We can’t have it both ways, or maybe we are wrong on this grace thing.

Would welcome further debate on this topic – Grace is under fire here not the law. The law is our natural language, love and grace is from God.

There seems to be this great fear that love will diminish the power of the law??? I just don’t see it. Love demands infinitely more than the law. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” seems simple enough for the man who follows the law. For the man under the power of love it is not so simple. He is asked to love and cherish his partner, and all that this means.

When she comes home from work with sore feet he sits her on the couch and rubs her feet and does the cooking. He makes time to be with her – not just for sex. In fact he cuddles and kisses with no thought for reward.  He supports her emotionally and physically. He would die for her.

And listen to this.

For this man it is not a burden.

And the second thing that lifted me? A cartoon from David Hayward  at


Thanks David. Thanks Tapio.

Somehow…today feels pretty good :)

BTW David at  has cartoons, art and books for sale. Well worth a look.