Jerry Clifford: Anti Gay and Hypocrite.

A post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Hey Reader. I just got a comment on my previous post from one of the haters. His name is Jerry Clifford.  This guy is from the US and he calls himself “Word Guru”. (Damn! and just when I was beginning to like the US conservatives again.)

Do you remember, reader, the case of George Rekers? He is a Baptist minister and was head of the “Chrisitan” vehemently anti-gay organisation called NARTH. He isnt head anymore, not since he was caught having a 2 week European vacation with his hired gay massuse from

As Rachel Maddow points out, Its not George Rekers closeted sexual activities that are objectionable. He can go on vacation with whoever he likes. Its the hypocrisy of one person claiming one thing and doing another. Here is the link if you need a quick refresher. (It never gets old for me)

Anyway…the same type of hypocricy was exhibited in Jerry’s comment on my post. Jerry, (“the Truth Shall Set You Free!” “Christian Word Guru extrordinaire” Jerry )  sent a couple more links with his comment. One of them was to a page depicting pornographic images of erect penises and penetration. I think his idea was that people would press the link, see the images, be shocked and subsequently turn away from their support of these “evil gays”!

Well, I approved his comment in good faith without checking all the links. I have just been advised that a minor, in reading the blog,  stumbled across the image. Stupid of me I know…. but I assumed…becasue he said he was Chrisitan….because his blog talks about morality and integrity and Jesus’ and stuff… thought…

Sigh… I should have known better.

Well Jerry, in his missionary zeal to condemn “evil gays” has now broken the law by broadcasting pornographic images to a minor. He has caused me to be complicit in his dirty little game and has contravened the WordPress terms and conditions for his blog site.

Dont you find it sad that “bastions of morality” like Jerry don’t hesitate to do something as irresponsible and immoral as publishing pornography to further their cause.

Whats the word again??? Oh yes.  HYPOCRITE!

None of my friends, gay or straight would even consider such an act. But, then again, WE are all reasonable, law abiding and ethically minded citizens.

I have removed the offending link and have asked Jerry for a public apology on his blog to help appease my present mood and, perhaps, prevent me from taking further action.

Lets see if his Christian humility and willingness for self examination and repentance lead him to do the right thing.

Here’s hoping anyway.

BTW Reader…here is his blog site.

You might want to let him know what you think of his tactics, in an ethical and responsible manner of course.