US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and the LCA…in bed together ;)

a post by Neil Hart on homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian and gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

I find it amazing how much “Lutheran” there is in the present Republican candidates race for the American presidency.

First there was Michelle Bachmann who was raised a Lutheran but jumped ship. Then there is Republican favourite Newt Gingrich’s present wife was educated in a Lutheran College.  Now I find a direct link between the probable Rebublican choice to run against Obama, Mitt Romney and the LCA. (Man! These guys have great first names! Barack, Newt, Mitt. I guess “Neil” just wouldn’t cut it over there )  :(

Anyway…heres the connection with Mitt. Its not that he’s Lutheran. He’s a Morman. The connection comes through his stand on Homosexuality.

(Remember, reader, how much fun Michelle Bachmann was when she was running? Her closeted gay husband runs a “pray away the gay” clinic. Have a look at the last video of the post below if you haven’t already…best comedy EVER!)


Anyway…back to Mitt Romney’s connection with the LCA.

Last night on an American news program i saw this…


Maddow called Exodus and the ex-gay people “cockamamy, snakeoil, predatory, pitiful, you-can-be-cured-of-your-homosexuality people”.They promote the ideas that  homosexuality is a lifestyle choice rather than a fundamental aspect of who they are. They continue the myth that homosexual people can choose to change or, worse, that they can be healed of their “disease”.

Sadly the LCA continues to be numbered with that cockamamy, snakeoil-salesmen group.  One of this blog’s commentors shared a recent experience.

The sermon yesterday was about repentance. My Pastor mentioned those who have made ‘lifestyle choices’ and those who ‘blame a genetic predisposition’, those who say they were ‘born that way’.


In a brochure from the LCA Tract Mission entitled “Is This The Way God Made Me?” homosexuality is linked to the evils of adultery, incest, sexual violence and bestiality. Most importantly the brochure states that homosexuality can be healed.

Both the organisations highlighted in the Maddow interview and the LCA grow out of the same mistaken beliefs about homosexuality and they have the same effect. They encourage people down a self destructive path where they try to change. They cause people to  wage war with themselves and their own sexuality. They cause people to try to deny a fundamental part of their nature which is, of course, emotional suicide.

So, there is the connection between presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the LCA. Mitt Romney’s money supports harmful ex-gay organisations like the Massachusetts Family Institute. Remember their quote in the interview?

we encourage the healing of individuals who wish to change their choice of lifestyle through Exodus International (and) Love Won Out…

Now, compare that to the LCA’s 2003 CSBQ article which states…

Healing is possible for homosexuals who want to change. Interested doctors. pastors and support groups such as Exodus and Love in Action can help.

There is the connection…we are both connected to and supportive of  the predatory, quack industrustry that makes money while psychologically damaging  gay people and especially the vulnerable young.

As Wayne Besen from Truth Wins Out said in the Maddow interview… Romney should be ashamed of himself….and so should the LCA.