Happy New Year Pastor. Your Fired! Secrets Secrets Secrets Sectrets…

Happy New year! Come celebrate with Matt Glover pastor of the Lilydale Baptist Church. Coz he got just got the sack.

He expressed his support for gay marriage on a website 2 months ago so his congregation had a secret meeting to which he wasnt invited and removed him from office. The congregation are sworn to secrecy and are not speaking to the press. A friend who did not want to be named said that since he and his young family have now lost their house and livelihood, a couple of gay organisations are taking up collections to help him out. There is an irony somewhere in that. I’m just too sad to think it all the way through.

Reader, are you a member of the Christian Church? Reader, what have we become? :(

Just this week i was in discussion with a Lutheran pastor in a another state. He is concerned about a Lutheran Church Diitrict directive he has received advising that his congregation should no longer have women on the regular roster to lead worship services. This pastor is no militant activist. He is no radical Blog writing stirrer. He just wants to pastor his people the best way he knows how. As far as i can tell, the congregation are not breaking any LCA rules. I understood that women are allowed to take active leading roles in all areas of church life (excuse me while i throw up a little because i used the phrase “women are allowed…“) My understanding was that there was only an impediment in the question of Women’s Ordination. It seems the that the District are overstepping their bounds.

Now, reader, listen to the scary part. You notice that i don’t mention the name of the District or the congregation or the pastor. Thats coz he is afraid. I’m pretty sure that he would rather that even this article wasn’t written. One of the things he said was that he has a young family and that they shouldn’t suffer because of anything that he may do. (In other words, he’s worries about getting the sack if he speaks out!)


We are only as sick as our secrets…Reader,  I think we are getting sicker.

I visited a friend yesterday. He is involved in national administrative stuff for the LCA. He was lamenting the fact that the LCA General Church Council’s minutes are no longer public documents and are not open anymore  to those outside of the council. Apparently this change has only happened in the last year.


Sigh….sicker and sicker. Reader, if this is your church too…what are you gonna do about it? Coz, right now,  it aint headin’ anywhere good.


BTW. the article was referred to me via  David Hayward’s site  www.nakedpastor.com. The cartoon comes from the same site. WELL worth a look… I’ll be cheeky enough to just include one more of his cartoons coz its relevant to our discussion…

Happy New Year Reader.