On raising mixed up kids.

My very pregnant daughter isnt very pregnant anymore….

Grace Annette….:) Congrats to Gracies mum and dad and bifg sister. (Gracies mum is kinda amazing…)

Heres the thing. They had a home birth again. Birthing pool and everything.Totally natural…By the time I arrived, half hour after the birth, baby was lying naked on mums breast, feeding happily, not a harsh operating light or forcep in sight. I’m pretty sure that the loungroom sofa she  was born on wasnt even sterile!. And the mid wife was walking around with BARE FEET!  for goodness sake! The only thing missing were hemp pants, orange tie dyed t shirts and a Kombi parked outside. Oh well, thats what you get for raising hippy kids i guess.

So 8-30am ticks around and everyone (read  “me”) was getting peckish. Breakfast! And what does this natural child birthing, barefoot midwife, nothing-sterile-here crew want for breakfast???

Home made meusli with wheatbran?  A selection of fruits and nuts? What about just good old fashioned healthy and hearty oat porridge?

Nope….Macca’s. They sent me down to McDonalds to bye 4 lots of pancakes, 2 bacon and egg mcmuffins, 2 hashbrowns and some coffees. (although,,,the midwife did make her coffee “soy”)

Man! Is THAT kid gonna grow up confused or WHAT!