2 letters. 2 views.

I dont know if everyone has the chance to read all the comments. Probably not i would guess.  I just read 2 letters that paint very different pictures. I make no comment on either (as much as i am ITCHING too :)  ) Have a read of both.The first one was in response to the post…”Is Neil’s argument flawed? Is there a link between the slavery and homosexuality texts?”


This life is not about us. Our life is about others. Very very dangerous to assume you would know what Jesus would do: WHO CAN KNOW THE MIND OF GOD!!!!! Best to submit to the Almighty, obedience, we all have crosses to bear and thorns of the flesh. I think love, lust and sex are all mixed up in this blog. Maybe because the English language does not describe love accurately. Love of Christ is working for others, helping others and showing love though action. I do not deny same sex attraction and to cure it may well be a myth. BUT we do not need to act on all our desires or urges either. The danger with this argument it could be applied to all eg drunkedness what if I have an urge to drink all the time does this make it right. For me God’s
word is God’s word. If I am too literal so be it much rather err on this side than be a false teacher. Gay people deserve every support and it is their choice ( God always gives a choice) to act on their feelings. God loves all. Don’t listen to others seek God on the subject and be led by the Holy Spirit. Listen read the word He will answer. Praise the Lord we can disagree on things yet have common ground on the essentials. Christ laid his life down for me. Repent, be baptised and recieve the Holy Spirt and live a santified life by the power of the Holy Spirit. Judge no man unless ye be judged.


The second comment is from “marginalised Lutheran” one of our gay readers whose comments I published in an earlier post. He is commenting on the post…”To all the LGBT people out there Luther says…”Stand”.


If it was cake, I’d be able to leave it go. I don’t need the extra stuff. But this is basic for me. It is who I am. It’s just the basic sustenance.Yes, God is my source of nourishment. It is in Him that I draw my strength.

Does God have different rules for different people? Heterosexual Christians are allowed to have physically intimate relationships, that’s okay. Homosexual Christians aren’t allowed to have physically intimate relationships, that’s not okay. Why would God want different things for His people?

No, sex isn’t everything. It’s not sustenance. It sure seems to play some part in the human existence though, straight or gay.

Apart from some apparently confused letter, I was raised to understand that Lutheran theology taught that intimate relationships with your spouse for pleasure is not sinful. Why would God give that primal urge to want physical intimacy to everyone, but then forbid some to act upon it? Or do we lump it in with the talents God provides? or spiritual gifts? Everyone gets different ones and you just live with it because God obviously has a plan for you and your life. It’s just that His plan for your life just doesn’t have the added bonuses of acceptance of your sexual attraction, a Church that accepts your “disease”, nor does it allow you to fulfill your primal sexual urges (like He does for the heterosexual Christians, they can have as much sex as they like), even in a committed Christian relationship. (yes, two homosexuals can be committed and Christian, both at the same time even!) Just live with it. Watch the heteros go about in their couples and “enjoy” their lives. But don’t you even think about it. That’s not God’s plan for you, that’s just for the others.

I look forward to seeing all who believe in the loving grace of Jesus in heaven. I bear great sadness for my friends and family who do not believe in that message. I also wonder about many other people… those who have not heard the message. Or those who have not been given the opportunity to ask more about it. I don’t have the answers.
There are many things about God that I simply do not understand… and never will. But there are some things that I know for sure! I do know for sure that sometimes people get stuff wrong. Like the pastor who I heard preach recently telling his congregation that they must be baptised to get into heaven. I recall a thief on a cross who went to heaven purely on the basis that he believed. (unless they edited the theif’s baptism scene out of the Gospels for the sake of fluency of reading… ) I don’t get it right always either… and I apologise to my colleagues and students that I teach regularly for it. But there are some things I do know for sure!

I don’t want cake. I want life giving bread and water. Thankfully I get that through my relationship with Christ. But why does he want me to spend my whole life fighting my primal urges and feeling guilty about wanting it because my Church tells me that the act is just as bad as murder (sin is sin), when the man next me in the pew at Church can act on his with a clear conscience?

[not a perfect example of my point, but still… why is it okay for some and not for others?]

I am not angry with you for having your point of view. I respect differences of opinion. I just need to get what I think out there too. I’m the one living this excluded experience.

Here I stand!
Jesus loves me, this I know!