Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

A post by Neil Hart on gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Someone shared this on facebook, needless to say, the heading (above) caught my attention.


I really am ashamed of the attitude I used to have regarding gay and lesbian people and children.I thought that there was some kind of homosexual lobby out there who wanting to get their hands on our straight children and somehow make them gay. Man! I can be an idiot sometimes. I have never come across any evidence of the existence of  this malicious and militant lobby group. I do, however, have proof of a militant group who ARE out there trying to change the sexuality of our children. Its called the Christian Church. And it wants to change our Gay and Lesbian kids to be straight.

I used to be afraid of what might happen to children who were brought up by a gay or lesbian couple. I mistakenly viewed their morality and their sexuality as distorted and believed that the children would me effected by the distortions. Why did i ever think that when i didn’t even know any of these couples? I had no basis for my prejudiced views. I guess thats the nature of prejudice. It grows and flourishes in darkness and ignorance. The only lesbian couple with children that i actually now know have grandchildren. None of their children or grandchildren are gay or lesbian BTW.

Yup! I can be an idiot sometimes. :(