To all the LGBT people out there…..Luther says “STAND” EX-Gay pt 3.

Another post by Neil Hart on gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia

Hey…reader…you know how at the end of the last post i said i would give you part 3 tomorrow unless i pulled the blankets up over my head…again? Well…funny story…or maybe not so funny…thats kinda exactly what happened. You see, i’ve been struggling with depression for a few years now. Been OK recently but, for some reason, these posts kinda take it outa me sometimes. Anyway…just thought id come clean…

In April 1521 Martin Luther stood before the Emperor Charles  V. He was ordered to retract his revolutionary statements about the Gospel. But he made a stand. he said that it is not good for people to go against their conscience informed by the word of God. Its not good to lie about whats deep inside you. For Luther it was the gospel, the good news about Gods love in Jesus Christ.

This truth sustains my gay friend as it does me. But, recently, he has learnt some other good news from the bible. he has learnt that God DID knit him together in his mother’s womb and loves what he has made. For my LGBT friends, its not good that the rest of us have denied them this simple bible truth and forced a lie on them. Its not good that we have forced them to lie to themselves and to their community. Luther was right. Its not good to go against your conscience. Its when you try to live a lie that things go wrong.


but i dont want to leave you with such a sad tale….have  look at a good news story. A Gospel story. A story about truth and freedom.



Anthony Venn-Brown’s website is linked to this blog if you want further information.

Martin Luther took a stand on scripture and truth and conscience and encourages all of us to do the same. Lets all take a stand. Lets stop living lies and lets stop forcing  that upon others. For God’s sake.