Lutheran Church Of Australia supports outdated and harmful “ex-gay” counselling organisations.

Another post on Gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

In my previous post I quoted a Lutheran Article entitled Homosexuality and the Church written by Dr Robert Pollnitz who was (perhaps still is?) the chair person of the Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions for the Lutheran Church of Australia. Here is their brochure’s lead statement.

A noble goal indeed. May i offer them some advice.  Perhaps, in pursuit of that goal of education and assistance to the LGBT members of the LCA, they should try..well…educating and assisting…rather than passing on outdated, incorrect and even harmful misinformation.

I will repeat the statement made by Dr Pollnitz that I highlighted in the last post. He said..

 Healing is possible for homosexuals who want to change. Interested doctors. pastors and support groups such as Exodus and Love in Action can help.


I will also repeat what i attempted to make clear in the last post by using the words of  Dr Lisa Diamond, Associate Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Utah. Dr Diamond refers to the misguided belief that people with homosexual orientation can be healed. She is particularly critical of the use of so-called “reparative therapies” that organisations such as Exodus, Love in action, NARTH and Focus on the Family promote. (These organisations all come under the broad heading of the “Ex-gay” movement)


The American Psychiatric Association has found that all of the data..all of the data suggests that so-called reparative therapies do not change same sex attraction and orientation.  The therapies misrepresent themselves because they do not have the effects that they claim AND they do additional damage. They leave people feeling greater shame…greater guilt…feeling worse about themselves. They DO HARM! ( Dr Diamond’s entire statement is on a youtube link in the previous post.)


Two of the founding members of Exodus, Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper, eventually left the organisation and joined together in a committed loving relationship until Gary’s death in 1991. Have a listen as Michael and other ex-leaders from Exodus International apologise for the hurt they caused through the ministry of Exodus.

Hey Lutheran Church of Australia’s Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions… you have a heavy name and an even heavier responsibility to all of the LGBT and other members in our church. YOU play a big role in setting the scene for how we proceed in the name of Jesus. Get it right people…please get it right.

Just one other thing…the CSBQ is governed by the Lutherans for Life organisation (or perhaps that’s the other way around.) anyway…have a look at their logo.  Does anyone else find it …ummm… kinda strange??…..or is it just me?

Part 3 tomorrow…if i don’t decide to curl up into a little ball and pull the bed covers over my head….again…:(