The letter YOU sent to parliament pt 3: Aust Christian Lobby Jim Wallace proves unreliable and prejudice.

another post by Neil Hart on gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

My previous 2 posts on the letter that was sent to parliament condemning Gay marriage focused on the very Roman Catholic theology on sexuality that underpinned the letter.  The letter also had another strong driving force behind it that was not so Catholic. It came from the Australian Christian Lobby and its cheif spokesperson Jim Wallace.

Have a listen to Jim as he talks about homosexuality and child abuse in the church.

HMMMMMM!!!!!! I said in a previous post that i certainly wouldnt want this man speaking for or representing  me.

Ive had this video for a while now and have tried to track down these studies that he is referring to. There is no mention of them anywhere on the net that i can find. There IS, however, the John Jay Study into the nature and scope of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in America. It was commissioned in 2002 and released May 2011. It is the most exhaustive and comprehensive study on the subject to date. It DID find that 81% of the victims of clergy abuse were males. So, it would seem that JIm has taken that figure and made a huge,  grossly unfair and extremely prejudiced leap into the chasm of nonsense and concluded that the abusers must have all been gay!!??

If I was a gay person listening to this I would be completely dismayed. how can you argue against (let alone prove a reasonable point to) such a blinkered view.

Ohh… btw…you might be interested in some other findings from the study…

The $2 million four-year study by John Jay College of Criminal Justice found that gay priests were not more likely than heterosexual ones to abuse.

The Rev. James Martin, SJ, culture editor of America Magazine, said the report’s finding that gay priests were no more likely to abuse others than straight priests was accurate.

“In fact, the rise in the number of gay priests corresponds with a ‘decreased incident of abuse — not an increased incidence.’

Washington Post 18 may 2011.

What was it you said in that Q and A? Jim? oh yeh…thats right…it went something like this…

Audience member: I wasn’t aware of any studies that said there was a higher incidence of pedophilia among homosexuals anyway. I think the problem is pedophilia, I don’t think it’s to do with their sexuality.

Jim Wallace: Alright, well that’s your view. I’m…

Audience member: Do you have any studies? Can you cite them?

Jim Wallace: Well, I can actually. I don’t have them here with me now, but yes there are. Many. Many. But I’m quoting you a figure to do with the question I was asked, which was about sexual abuse in the church.

HMMMMMMMM!   Many. Many. studies??…..yeh…..riiiighhhhhttttt…….

Ahhh…JIm?  you there Jim? As a Christian I dont want you speaking on my behalf, but it seems you have already done that. You have even set up an organisation to do exactly that. Well, Jim, if you want to speak for the church, if you want to speak for Jesus, the Lord of the Church, then speak now with humility, grace and love. Apologise to the gay community whom you have unfairly maligned.

Full findings of the study can be found here

a good article outlining the reasons for the unfair link that is made between gay priests and child abuse by some conservative catholics can be found here…