Sir Ian McKellen: An Abomination?

another blog by Neil Hart on gay stuff and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Man i love Lord of the Rings. cuing up on boxing day 2001 when the first film, the fellowship, was released…From the moment the ranks of noble elves standing shoulder to shoulder against the massing abominations of middle earth drew their swords… I was hooked.

But my love is as a passing fancy in comparison to that of my wife. She likes to fall asleep, not to gentle orchestral pieces or hypnotic whale song, but to the sounds of the battle for helm’s deep blasting from the TV speakers.

Ahh yes, i remember it well…(hey!,,,,didnt i once preach a chapel sermon on “toss me!” ?…oh yeh…. thats right!.. hmmm..some things are best left forgotten. ok, lets all agree, right here, right now,  NEVER to mention that again : / )

i think most people’s favorite scene from that epic trilogy is Gandalf’s battle with the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-Dum. ahhh yes! where would Lord of the Rings be without Sir Ian Mckellen!

“fly you fools”. stirring stuff :).

Hey. have you seen Sir Ian’s discourse on acting in Ricky Gervias’  “Extras”? …. you gotta watch this…

Gold…pure gold :) Did you see the people in the background… hanging on every word he spoke :)….just…

I was reminded of Sir Ian recently. You see, Sir Ian is gay and I thought of the the noble knight’s gayness when i read this comment that was made by one of the readers of the “excluding people” post..

Hey Neil… I just don’t see how we can get around the abomination of sin! Homosexuality is a sin…

You know, i think there IS an abomination to be contended with here…but it is not homosexuality. In the context of this discussion, the real abomination is the language and attitude that damns a group of people to guilt and enforced celibacy, not because of any wrong they have done, but because of the way God made them.

His comment also included…

…People from many walks of life other than glbt’s must refrain from sexual activity if they are to please God/live within the law/be good Christians/be like Christ. …If abstinence happens to be one’s good fight so be it…(BUT I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!!) BULL!!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…. but what is the command Christ gives? Go and sin no more. My feelings of love may not be appropriate if they overstep a prohibited relationship. Love the sinner but hate the sin may sound stodgy, but as I see it, it still applies.

I’ve had gay and lesbian friends suggest that you can’t seperate the person from the sin. Gay is there identity… BULL! Gay/lesbian is there sexual preference genetically, sociologically or otherwise. AND let’s not sidetrack there.

Ok dear commentator.  may i speak directly to you now? (readers, you can go for a toilet break) You said “BULL” twice there. But i think  you meant to say “STEER!” coz thats what you are advocating, you uninformed and mean spirited man! (sorry. is it ok if the strength of my language matches yours, dear commentator? Its just that…i feel like i’m speaking for your gay “friends” now)

None of that nonsense washes anymore, esp “hate the sin but love the sinner”. We are talking about an irremovable part of who someone is. you might as well say “neil, we love you but, in love, we need to tell you that your sinistrality (left handedness) is evil and it really gets up God’s nose.” In fact, people DID consider left handedness evil. In the past many poor molly-dookers were wrapped over the knuckles in an attempt to straighten out their sinister tendencies. But when this judgement is applied to homosexuality the impact it has and the damage it does is far worse.

We are talking about a person’s SEXUALITY for goodness sake! My sexuality, your sexuality is an incredibly important part of who we are and it effects far more areas of life than does a mere propensity for left or right handedness.  Can you imagine how sad life would be if we couldn’t embrace and enjoy our sexuality as the wonderful gift from God that it is. Is that what you advocate? You would presume to act as the mouthpiece of God and so blithely inflict this lifelong sentence upon your glbt “friends”?

Homosexuality an abomination? How dare any of us continue to spew such hate filled, hurtful words.

oh. and one more thing. In reference to your comment…  I don’t want to “get around” anything. I want to stand on the bridge and block the path of this prejudice that has run unchecked and unchallenged in our church for far too long.  I want to slam my wizard’s staff into the rock and yell “YOU…SHALL NOT…PASS”!  I want to wrestle with the abomination and not give up even as its fiery whip wraps around me and drags me down to the shadow that spawned it.

Sir Ian, on behalf of the church who have propogated such hurt, I apologise.

And Sir Ian, on behalf of the Gideon International Movement who placed those  Bibles in the sincere hope that they bring grace and love and peace to the lonely travellers who read them, I apologise.

PS: Dear commentator…. i apologise to you too… ive had a bex, a cuppa tea and a good lie down and have settled down a bit. I dont really think you are mean spirited at all! In fact, i know you aren’t.

oh and readers, have you noticed that i always seem to end up apologising at the end of these blogs? Whats with that??